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Services I Offer

I would love to work with you!

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Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance helps you cultivate awareness of the spiritual in everyday life. With the help of a companion (a spiritual guide), you can learn to listen for the sacred in your life. A guide assists you in discovering and following your spiritual path, developing your relationship with the divine, and listening to your soul. A spiritual guide can help you discern the presence and movement of God in your life.

One on One Study

I love teaching and studying with people one on one! You choose what you want to study and learn! 

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Scripture Circles

I teach in person in what is called a scripture circle. This is an interactive scripture study set in the Hebrew roots and context. We ask questions of the text and wrestle with what it means for our lives today.

Verbing, Naming, and Nouning Cohort

This cohort is 2 months long meeting twice a month. We will study and discuss what it means to live as a verb in the image of God, the significance of naming and our tendency to noun ourselves. 



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Speaking & Teaching

You can invite me to come to your community to speak or teach a scripture circle!

Story Events

I facilitate storytelling experiences. Let's bring people together and build community and understanding as a one-day event or a retreat!

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Coming in 2023!

Streaming on all podcast platforms!


Writing is one of the many ways we can pursue God and creativity. There is power in story. The divine communicates in story. This blog is a collection of writings from me and guest bloggers with intriguing insights and stories.

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