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My Gifts are coaching, walking with others in spiritual guidance and inner healing, storytelling, innovative leadership empowerment, and teaching scripture in Jewish context.  

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"I want to be in the arena. I want to be brave with my life. When we make the choice to dare greatly, we sign up to get our asses kicked. We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can't have both. Not at the same time."
-Brene Brown

My Story

Professionally, I have worked for many non-profits and even planted a church that was an interfaith community. I was clergy for ten years and am experienced with all that comes with being a credentialed faith leader. For the past couple of years, I have been a part of several faithful innovator initiatives to develop leaders in the area of faith.   


I have a B.A. in Christian Ministries with a minor in Organizational Leadership. I continued to seminary and almost finished with an M.A. in Theology. What my soul was seeking, I could not find in seminary. I have been studying and learning from 2 outstanding Rabbis, 1 for over six years and the other for two years. Learning from these Rabbis is where I found what I was looking for. Although my graduate-level education was not from a formal university or seminary, it was by apprenticeship. This has been profoundly life-transforming and helped me step outside the many boxes and labels that tend to limit. 

I have been on a journey toward healing and wholeness in my personal life. I am passionate about journeying with others in their healing and wholeness. I do this by being trauma-informed, not splitting the person into spirit, mind, and body, and knowing each person is on their unique journey that holds many facets. Trauma happens to everyone. Walking in awareness and with care is vital. Our whole selves are much too connected to split up into spirit, mind, and body, which is a Greco roman thought process and we are much more interconnected than that. A more integrated experience is needed to tend to the wholeness and healing of a person. Every person is on their their own unique (journey, path, faith walk, etc...). What can be a gift is a companion/spiritual guide being present, asking good questions, practicing listening to the soul, to God, and helping discern the divine moving in a person's life.

Although my background is varied, I am Jewish. I believe we can learn much from each other when we build bridges rather than divide over differences. Torah is what Jesus came to teach and live out. After all, he was a Jewish Rabbi. Studying from this context opens a deep pool. 

I am a lifelong learner. God is always teaching us. The problem is when we stop learning. Everything has the potential to teach us something. We can become a student of creation and a student of life. God is what holds all things together. So creation holds the voice of the divine. 

I love to write.

I write blogs, poetic and meditative prayers, and I am working on my first book. There is much beauty that can be revealed in different types of writings. 

What I Do

Spiritual Guidance & Inner Healing

When you seek, you have the opportunity to heal and grow as a result. This can all happen in spiritual guidance. Walking with people as they pursue growth and inner healing is my passion. The faith walk and inner healing needs a space where you can ask questions, wrestle with scripture, and life. My own transformation and continued growth and healing has greatly benefitted by spiritual guidance. I hope to help others in their journey in healing and growth.

Innovative Leadership Empowerment

I admire and fully support innovative leaders that take risks and create with openness. I am honored to be a part of and walk with many innovative leaders for many years now. In the innovative leadership realm leaders can get lonely and need a true space for innovators. I would like to continue to create space for such leaders with coaching, cohorts and community.

Teaching Scripture 

I have spent over ten years intensely studying scripture. In an effort to deepen my study in the Jewish culture and context ALL of scripture is written in. I have even studied with 2 Rabbis and other Jewish teachers for over 6 years. This is all in the effort to hold scripture in context and allow that to shape my life. Other people's voices and community are intragle to studying scripture. Different perspectives are the mosaic that God created so we can learn from one another. You will experience study set in context and full of other voices at the table as we wrestle with what scripture says and ask questions! This is called midrash. This is what you will experience at a scripture circle.  


There is power in story. God communicates through stories, and our lives are a collection of stories. Stories have power. The power to connect people. Stories can change lives. When we learn to hold other people's stories we can connect. We can truly love. When we learn to tell our own stories the path to healing reveals itself. When we can find ourselves in God's story this is transformative. I run storytelling events that can bring your community together. These event help people connect, appreciate different perspectives to result in understanding. In our world today bringing people together is deeply needed. You can have me come run a community storytelling event or a themed event!

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